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Splash Part 2 – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 158

This week on the pod we try to puzzle out where exactly Eugene Levy got his PHD in mermaidology. It’s part two of our breakdown of the 80s flick Splash with special guest Fabrae Nicole!

Splash – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 157

Is Alan a creep? Does Madison have a human man kink? What is the “born sexy yesterday” trope? We tackle these questions and many more in part one of our discussion on Splash (1984)! With special guest Fabrae Nicole.

Death Becomes Her Part 2 – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 154

Pass the spray paint, we’re back for part two of our breakdown of Death Becomes Her! This week we worship Isabella Rossellini and explore different ways this movie could have ended. With special guest, Hillary R. Heath.

Season Five Preview – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 150

Mermaids, Bollywood, or Wonder Woman? Sarah and Nicole sit down to chat about which films they’d like to cover on this upcoming season (our 5th – oh my!) on The Feminine Mistake Podcast.

Happiest Season – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 148

How many shady shenanigans would you put up with to spend the holidays with the person you love? This week on the pod we watched the Hulu holiday romcom Happiest Season written and directed by Clea DuVall! With special guest Julie Jones Ivey.

Clueless Part 2 – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 147

Welcome back to part two of totally bitchin’ chat about the 90stastic film, Clueless! How much of a creep is Elton? Is Cher and Baby Paul Rudd’s relationship hella gross? Is No Doubt real ska or just the hint of ska burps? We get into it. With special guest Vanessa Aranegui!

Are You Pluggin? – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 145

And now – the exciting conclusion to our discussion on the iconic horror film, Jennifer’s Body with special guest, Melissa Lee! Plus we give you our picks for some lesser known horror flicks to check out this spooky season. Got a tampon? Cause you seem like you might be plugin’. 


Today on the show we are thrilled to have horror filmmaker Melissa Lee with us to talk about Jennifer’s Body! A much misunderstood and under appreciated film that seems to be finally getting its due. There is much to unpack here in this sumptuous feast of razor sharp dialogue, complex female friendship, and of course – literal feasting on boys.


It’s crop top summer, ladies! This week on the show we have a very special returning guest who not only joined us for season two’s episode on Roman Holiday but also guested on our show The Georgia Made Podcast. We love Ava Davis and we were thrilled to have her on to talk about one of her favorite films, All About Eve. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night!


One thing we didn’t expect is that quarantine would be this thirsty. If there is anyone who understands the thirst of social isolation it’s Caleb in Ex Machina – on this week’s show we take on toxic masculinity, Oscar’s Isaac’s dance moves, and the Cats’ alleged butthole cut! With special guest, Inna Vorobetz.