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The Feminine Mistake Podcast – Ep 160 The Descent Part 2

What is Juno’s deal? Who’s the real cave monster here? And what does the ending(s) mean? We chew on these questions and many more in part two of our discussion on The Descent (2005) with special guest Melissa Kunnap! 

The Descent – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 159

We’re back babeeeee! This week on the pod we sat down with special guest Melissa Kunnap to unravel the gooey layers of the gal pals battle cave monsters flick The Descent (2005).

Are You Pluggin? – The Feminine Mistake Podcast Ep 145

And now – the exciting conclusion to our discussion on the iconic horror film, Jennifer’s Body with special guest, Melissa Lee! Plus we give you our picks for some lesser known horror flicks to check out this spooky season. Got a tampon? Cause you seem like you might be plugin’. 


Today on the show we are thrilled to have horror filmmaker Melissa Lee with us to talk about Jennifer’s Body! A much misunderstood and under appreciated film that seems to be finally getting its due. There is much to unpack here in this sumptuous feast of razor sharp dialogue, complex female friendship, and of course – literal feasting on boys.


Strap on your ballet shoes and fire up your cauldrons. We’re taking on the totally bonkers 1970s horror classic, Suspiria! With special guest, Brandon Mitchell. *whispers: WITCHES!*